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What Can Custom Hats Do to Help Promote Your Business?

Employers have been promoting their businesses using commercial embroidery for decades, but only those with experience know that not all custom embroidery services are equal in quality. While custom t shirt designs and logos are always quick to catch the eyes of passersby, there's something unique and special about custom embroidered hats that emphasizes company visibility and overall promotion strategy. Without further ado, here are just a few fascinating reasons to consider investing in custom embroidered hats.

Improved Visibility

As mentioned, embroidered hats can be superior to t shirts and other articles of clothing in the sense that they're more likely to remain visible. On a chilly day, most people layer their t shirts with long sleeve sweatshirts and jackets, and what good is a t shirt sporting the company logo if it's completely covered? Hats, on the other hand, are virtually always visible when worn properly. They're also more easily visible from eye level, ensuring a proud and flawless portrayal of the company logo wherever you happen to go.

More Universal

While some articles of promotional clothing require a certain taste in order for someone to want to wear it at all, hats are more universal because they appeal to just about everyone. From children to adults, in all colors and designs, custom embroidered hats are sure to satisfy and fit the tastes of all of your employees as well as their families. The top five most popular product categories are wearables, writing instruments, bags, calendars, and drinkware, and many people consider promotional hats to be among the most versatile and fashionable of all promotional wearables.

Longer Lasting

While some promotional items break down easily in the wash over time or have a design that fades, promotional hats will maintain their quality for years to come with proper care. With this in mind, you can rest assured that you're making a good investment into a promotional strategy that should have lasting effects.

When all is said and done, about 91% of consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen, 74% have at least one at their workspace, and 55% have at least one in their bedroom. But there's something special about embroidered hats that everyone can seem to enjoy. For more information about custom snapbacks, contact US Team Ink.

What Can Custom Hats Do to Help Promote Your Business?

3 Bulletproof Ways To Improve Your Company Culture

Any business knows just how tricky balancing employee satisfaction and profitability can be. A Columbia University study revealed that the probability of job turnover at an organization with a poor company culture is 48.4%, while companies with a strong culture had only a 13.9% probability of turnover. If your business has high turnover, that is bad for the people working there, for hiring costs, and for productivity. The problem of employee satisfaction and costs, then, are deeply intertwined. To rectify this issue at your place of business, try the following.

  1. Offer Perks

    Though it might seem like incentivising happiness, giving job perks is a key part of any culture. Some examples are allowing employees to work from home, giving out free gym memberships, and even hosting an office happy hour. As much as workers want a raise, making their job more bearable to do is just as important.

  2. Find Common Ground

    What is the passion, the purpose that drives your company? Make this an officewide discussion and learn what motivates everyone that you work with. If people feel united by a common goal, they will have a stronger bond to the work they do. Even though everyone needs money, they will only feel connected with something they truly believe in.

  3. Build Team Spirit

    There are a number of inexpensive and fun ways to build team spirit. The easiest initial team building idea is giving out free custom embroidered hats or printed t shirts. Commercial embroidery companies can provide custom snapbacks that you get to create yourself on a hat design website. Little things like commercial embroidery can kill two birds with one stone. It can unite your employees once you find common ground, and if they wear the apparel outside, it can double as a marketing tactic.

A bad company culture can kill off the entire business. To fix the issue, you will need to give the workers what they want. While they want money, perks, and maybe a t shirt designed by your company, the ultimate victory is cultivating a common goal that everyone wants to achieve. Once you do that, you can have fun and make money together.

3 Bulletproof Ways To Improve Your Company Culture

3 Great Company Picnic Ideas to Improve Workplace Culture

Company culture is one of the most important factors of a successful business. If your employees don't work well together, it's virtually impossible to thrive in a competitive business marketplace that requires top talent. There are strategies and programs you can implement throughout the year to improve your company's culture, but a great way to speed up that process and have some fun while doing it is to throw an annual company picnic.

According to a recent Dinova survey, roughly 73% of respondents stated that they have a company picnic at least once a year. There's a simple reason these events are so common in the modern workplace: It's difficult to attend a picnic and not have a good time, even if it's a workplace event. But to ensure that your employees are having fun, bonding, and strengthening your company brand, there are a few things you should be doing at these events. Here are some excellent company picnic ideas that will help the culture in your workplace.

Provide promotional items with best embroidery

It sounds trivial, but promotional items and clothing can actually bring your entire company together. On top of that, everyone loves getting free stuff. By working with a custom embroidery service, you can have custom embroidered hats, T shirts, and other items to give out to everyone attending the company picnic. These clothing items can be worn throughout the year and will help give your employees a feeling of community, subsequently improving the entire culture. Search for custom T Shirts online to find the best embroidery. During company events, give out as much company swag as you can to your team.

Play fun games

The easiest way for your employees to come together and have a little fun is to play some games. Try to encourage friendly competition (i.e., not tug of war), because if a few employees take the games too seriously it could actually damage the workplace culture. Team building and strategy games are your best bet for helping the culture. Some popular choices include scavenger hunts, improvisation-based games, and kickball.

Share stories about the company

If a few people get up and share some stories about their first day on the job, old bosses they used to have, and other hilarious anecdotes from company history, it will likely bring everyone together even more. Ask an extroverted manager or team leader to kick things off with a speech or topic of discussion to loosen everyone up.

To take your company to the next level, you have to build an excellent culture. While you won't accomplish this goal overnight, one simple place to start is by hosting a fun picnic. And for the best embroidery T shirt designs available for your corporate branding efforts, contact US Team Ink today.

3 Great Company Picnic Ideas to Improve Workplace Culture

What To Look For In A Custom Embroidery Company

A set of high quality merchandise is key to marketing your company. About 53% of people who own a promotional item use it at least once per week, and this can be a lucrative opportunity for your company. This is especially true when that item is wearable, such as shirts and hats. When creating these items, you likely want to hire the best custom embroidery company. The following characteristics will make the right business stand out from the rest, guiding your decision:

  1. Experience
    You likely want to select a company that has experience creating custom embroidered products. Several years in the industry generally means that they have perfected their method and know how to satisfy their customers. You can learn more about their reputation by reading online reviews.
  2. Uniformity
    When browsing their selection and reading customer reviews, notice whether they deliver the same quality on every item. You want each promotional shirt or hat to have the same level of craftsmanship as the rest.
  3. Variety
    Once you find a company to provide your small business embroidery and printing, you will likely hire them to make all of your custom products. If this is the case, you should make sure that they offer a wide variety of items. Then you can vary your offers all throughout the year.
  4. Outstanding Customer Serivice
    When you order your custom embroidered hats or shirts, notice how the company works with you. You want to work with a company who puts your needs first and offers exemplary customer service on your order.
  5. Accountability
    The best embroidery services will deliver your items in a timely manner. You should be able to trust their process and know that your products will come as expected. This shows that the company will go above and beyond in the future as well.

Whether ordering shirts for your employees or for your customers, it's important to make quality a priority. Once you find the best custom embroidery company for your small business, be sure to form a relationship with them. This will ensure that all of your future embroidery needs are met and that you can trust the quality of these items.

What To Look For In A Custom Embroidery Company
5 Creative Ways To Promote Your Company's Brand

5 Creative Ways To Promote Your Company's Brand

Brand recognition is an essential part of any marketing strategy, no matter the size of your business. While you have developed digital and traditional marketing techniques to promote your product, you are likely looking for ways to supplement this. With some creative strategies and unique custom products, you can promote your company's brand in more subtle ways. With the best embroidery and printing services available to you, consider the following promotional ideas.

  1. Give gifts to customers

    When a customer makes a purchase over a certain amount, give them a small gift. Small branded products like pens and phone wallets are perfect for this purpose. For larger purchases or membership gifts, you can give products like travel mugs.

  2. Create custom shirts

    A classic promotional product, printed t shirts will create brand loyalty and visibility. For restaurants and other retail locations, custom t shirt printing is a great way to supplement sales. Custom snapbacks and baseball caps are another fun sales item.

  3. Host a social media giveaway

    These types of giveaways serve two purposes. They boost digital marketing by encouraging your online followers to share your posts and boost brand promotion once the winner receives their product. You can make your giveaway a contest or a random drawing of social media users.

  4. Try some tech

    If you have a booth at a trade show or festival, technology is a great product to give away. For example, when someone signs up for your email list, they could receive a branded portable charger or other phone accessory. If they become a customer, you will certainly capitalize on this giveaway.

  5. Sell visible items

    When you sell promotional materials at your business, the key is to sell products that people use in everyday life. This could include sports equipment, custom trucker hats, or bags. About 31% of American consumers own a promotional bag, and these products receive high visibility because they are useful. The key is selling or giving away products that have multiple sets of eyes on them daily.

The best embroidery and printing services can help you choose the right products for your company. By taking the time to choose the right products, you can create a promotional plan that will bring in more customers. This effort is where brand recognition and loyalty come from, so keep your marketing senses sharp.

Top 5 Reasons To Have A Work Uniform

Top 5 Reasons To Have A Work Uniform

5.) Industry Requirement

Some markets and industries demand customer services, such as department stores, restaurants, and hospitals. Uniforms make the customer/patient more likely to approach the employee when in need. It makes the employee more identifiable.  


4.) Equality

An employee can feel any lesser than another due to their wardrobe, which can lead to severe work-related issues if not addressed immediately and adequately. Uniforms are the perfect fix! A uniform sets a standard of equality in the workplace, which is vital for company excellence.


3.) It Unites!

Providing something that drives a bond in the workplace is a great asset to the company. Creating a sense of identity to each employee and identifying them as under the same roof can create a more favorable environment and efficient workflow as this gives coworkers an outlet to bond and connect with one another.


2.) Company Pride

Employees can now honor their workplace and represent the company by wearing their uniform. If it is along the lines of a well-fitted polo, employees will be eager to wear their uniform outside the workplace as well, spreading the word of the company and providing them with a positive view of the organization.


1.) Mutual Growth

As stated before coworkers begin to bond and create a family-like environment. Employees begin to care more for each other, promoting group elevation as opposed to self-elevation. This directly leads to company growth, which is, indeed, the end goal! Healthy & Happy Employees = Healthy & Happy Business.


Convinced you need a company uniform? At US Team Ink we are your one stop shop for all promotional goods that will help you make a mark and stand out with your brand!


Visit our website at  

Importance Of Uniformity In The Workplace

Most Americans spend a large portion of their lives at work. So, no matter their profession, it's important to enjoy being on the clock. As a manager, it is your role to ensure a strong company culture and workplace optimism. While there are many avenues to achieve this, company uniforms are an effective technique. Once you hire a high quality custom embroidery service to create custom apparel for your employees, you can expect the following benefits. 

  • A Professional Image: When your employees are dressed in custom embroidered hats, shirts, and other types of uniform clothing, your organization will look more professional as a whole. Even simple printed t shirts can go a long way in polishing employee appearance.
  • Brand Promotion: Especially if you have employees in the field, clearly branded uniforms can promote your company when your workers are out and about. This increases brand visibility and awareness.
  • Improved Security: If your business operates in an office building or similar facility, a uniform ensures that you can identify everyone who is walking in and out of the building. When someone wanders in who is not wearing a uniform, you may ask for credentials. By doing so, you can keep your employees safe during work.
  • Company Culture: About 64% of all employees do not feel that they have a strong company culture. In some cases, a uniform can create a sense of togetherness and shared purpose. To show your employees that you are invested in their opinions, ask them to contribute to the t shirt design before you invest in commercial embroidery.
  • Customer Relations: When your employees look uniform, you can set a specific tone when you interact with customers. A custom embroidery service can create a high quality look for your employees and can represent your brand in a professional way. Then your customers will have a consistent image of your team.

By creating a sense of uniformity in your organization, you can boost your company culture and help your employees feel like they are a part of something bigger. And as time goes on and your business changes, you can adjust the uniform accordingly. This will allow your employee morale to grow with the organization.

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3 Reasons Schools Benefits From Custom Apparel

It's no secret that t shirt screenprinting and other custom embroidery services serve as a major asset to a number of small businesses. In fact, the top five most popular promotional product categories are wearables, writing instruments, bags, calendars, and drinkware. However, many people don't realize that fast embroidery services can also be astoundingly beneficial in an educational setting.

But before you determine whether or not custom printed t shirts are a good investment for your school organization, it's important to understand the countless advantages they can provide to the student body as well as faculty members and even parents. Here are just a few reasons why schools easily benefit from customized school apparel.

Student Safety

First and foremost, customizing t shirts for field trips and other school events and clubs keeps students safer by making them visually grouped together based on colors and/or names and numbers. There are countless schools with a vast number of students, and when faculty and chaperones look out into a busy crowd, the students they're responsible for will be instantly recognizable if they're wearing custom t shirts with bright colors. Essentially, students wearing matching school apparel are instantly identifiable as being associated with the educational institution. This results in fewer students straying from their groups or getting lost during virtually any type of outing.

School Revenue and Fundraising

Custom apparel is an extremely popular option for school fundraisers. Not only will parents, students, teachers, and community members love their custom hoodies and t shirts, but apparel fundraisers are a tried and true method of raising cash for clubs, sports teams, and educational trips.

Many fast embroidery services are very reasonably priced, allowing schools to maximize their profit margins on all school apparel and use those profits to benefit the students. What school couldn't benefit from having some extra funding for the overall wellbeing of its occupants? There are unlimited ways to use these extra funds to the school's advantage, and it'll add up faster than you think.


About 20% of public schools in the United States now require their students to wear a uniform of some kind, and most private schools require uniforms too. These uniforms can hinder students' sense of individuality because they are all exactly identical. However, allowing students to wear custom school apparel on certain days as an alternative to their everyday uniforms can restore this sense of uniqueness, which is essential for a healthy mind and spirit. Some schools even hold competitions so that students can submit designs themselves.

Ultimately, understanding these benefits is the key to determining whether or not custom school apparel is a good investment for your educational institution. For more information about custom t shirt printing, contact U.S. Team Ink.

3 Reasons Schools Benefits From Custom Apparel
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