What Can Custom Hats Do to Help Promote Your Business?

  • May 16, 2018

Employers have been promoting their businesses using commercial embroidery for decades, but only those with experience know that not all custom embroidery services are equal in quality. While custom t shirt designs and logos are always quick to catch the eyes of passersby, there's something unique and special about custom embroidered hats that emphasizes company visibility and overall promotion strategy. Without further ado, here are just a few fascinating reasons to consider investing in custom embroidered hats.

Improved Visibility

As mentioned, embroidered hats can be superior to t shirts and other articles of clothing in the sense that they're more likely to remain visible. On a chilly day, most people layer their t shirts with long sleeve sweatshirts and jackets, and what good is a t shirt sporting the company logo if it's completely covered? Hats, on the other hand, are virtually always visible when worn properly. They're also more easily visible from eye level, ensuring a proud and flawless portrayal of the company logo wherever you happen to go.

More Universal

While some articles of promotional clothing require a certain taste in order for someone to want to wear it at all, hats are more universal because they appeal to just about everyone. From children to adults, in all colors and designs, custom embroidered hats are sure to satisfy and fit the tastes of all of your employees as well as their families. The top five most popular product categories are wearables, writing instruments, bags, calendars, and drinkware, and many people consider promotional hats to be among the most versatile and fashionable of all promotional wearables.

Longer Lasting

While some promotional items break down easily in the wash over time or have a design that fades, promotional hats will maintain their quality for years to come with proper care. With this in mind, you can rest assured that you're making a good investment into a promotional strategy that should have lasting effects.

When all is said and done, about 91% of consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen, 74% have at least one at their workspace, and 55% have at least one in their bedroom. But there's something special about embroidered hats that everyone can seem to enjoy. For more information about custom snapbacks, contact US Team Ink.

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